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For Individuals, Families & Groups

Lessons and holistic surf safaris

On custom fiberglass boards

In pristine locations

For beginners and those looking to level up

Coach Steve Thobe with Yellow Board.jpg


Training athletes with holistic methods designed to strengthen mind, body and soul.

Thobe grew up in house full of professional athletes. He played professional baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates Triple A Minor League from 1994-1999. Following his love for the game and teaching, he was the baseball coach for Seabury Hall in Maui and the pitching coach in Piedmont, California. His specialty is offering private training for aspiring greats. 

CONTACT Steve for details.on Baseball Training and Surf Lessons (or both).

"As a pro ball player I've been lucky to learn from some of the best in the business. Over the years I've integrated the most effective of these techniques to offer holistic and effective training methods. The goal is to create better athletes by developing the mind, body and soul."

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